What is affiliate marketing?
So with the help of a talented designer I was able to develop a clear, step by step graphic showing how basic affiliate marketing works.

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[Image provided courtesy of the Sugarrae affiliate marketing blog.]

THE Newbie Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Traffic and Trust Review

“To take this a step further, smart affiliates will only promote products that will be of benefit to their audience. In essence they act like a gatekeeper for good and bad products.”
I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Like my commercial brands, when it comes to my personal brand, no forty dollar commission is worth selling my reputation for. If I don’t actually believe in the product, you won’t find me recommending it. You won’t find my commercial sites highly rating a shitty product. I have always said:
My focus is about the users. If I have the users, I will find a way to monetize them.  Original artictical by Sugarrea.com  read more here

Now you have a little knowledge.

We have three great choices

1. PDI1 & Company
Ecommerce solutions, Technologies and Business services

2. Show Me Country (trademarked brand)
Great Growth potential! Online wholesale-retailers of Country western apparel, home decor, jewelry and much more

3. Hill Saddlery
Great Growth potential! Online wholesale-retailers of leather goods , parts, horse tack and more on pace to compete with industry giants like Tandy and Weaver leather companies.

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