Ingenico iCT250 Dual Com EMV + NFC


Ingenico ICT250 USB Ethernet POS Terminal

  • 15 Backlit operational keys
  • 4 Navigational keys
  • Smart Card Reader
  • Magstripe Card Reader

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Ingenico iCT250 (Dial, Ethernet, EMV, NFC) The iCT250 machine is a great all around terminal from Ingenico. It offers many features that are only found on terminals costing twice as much. The iCT250 offers Ethernet/IP processing as well as traditional dial connectivity and will allow for newer EMV (Chip and PIN) standards once they are adopted by card associations. The iCT250 includes a thermal printer and an internal PINpad for PIN debit transactions. The iCT250 is the first fixed terminal PCI PED 2.0 certified, which is compulsory for all new terminals since May 1, 2008. It has also obtained CB 5.2 agreement from the GIE Carte Bancaire, which is mandatory in order to be marketed in France, in addition to the EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certifications required for the other markets. For the Contactless option, the terminal is MasterCard PayPass certified (for which the standards in force since January 1, 2009 require a complete and secure transaction, completed in less than 100 ms) and is also Visa payWave certified. Performance and readiness for the services of tomorrow Thanks to the power of its two ARM microprocessors capable of handling 500 Mips (million instructions per second) and Telium2 technology, the iCT250 is ready for the next generation of security enhancements in the payment field, without this having any impact on the speed and reliability of the transactions of tomorrow. With an improved memory capacity of up to 512MB, the iCT250 can host numerous applications, effectively giving the merchant and the consumer access to a wide range of additional top-up secured services including recharging telephone cards, electronic wallet, loyalty programmes, gift cards, money transfer, cash-back, dynamic currency conversion, but also in a near future advertisement and promotion at the point of sales, restaurant or entertainment shows booking, sale of mobile content, etc. Ingenico | iCT250 Credit Card Terminal Ingenico’s next generation iCT250 Credit Card Terminal combines the power of dual ARM9 and ARM7 processors, the latest PCI PED 3.x security, and the revenue opportunities of countless value added services. Engineered to last, the compact design eliminates technical complexity to assure faultless operation in even the most demanding of banking and retail environments, while its ergonomic styling delivers the most comfortable and convenient user experience of any terminal in its class. Security The new Ingenico iCT250 terminal is EMV level 1, level 2 and PCI PED 2.0 certified, delivering security and peace of mind for both the consumer and the merchant. Its 32-bit RISC crypto-processor provides a uniquely scalable and high-performance platform to support a host of new generation or reinforced security applications, with no impact on transaction speed or reliability. Performance Utilizing ARM9 and ARM7 microprocessor technology, the iCT250 countertop terminal combines innovation and performance – assuring a faster, more convenient and more reliable transaction every time. Design/ Ergonomics With compact design and ergonomic styling, Ingenico’s iCT250 offers a huge range of functionality. A clear backlit graphic display with high contrast white screen allows easy reading and promotion of the merchant’s brand, while the intuitively backlit designed keypad, with large keys, delivers ease of use for both merchant and consumer. Communication Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication technologies, such as dial-up modem, Ethernet or USB, Ingenico’s iCT250 delivers any time, anywhere connectivity. A contactless EMV payment reader supports card and mobile phone Near Field Communications (NFC) payment, already certified for MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. Features ARM7 and ARM9 dual processors 144MB memory – 128MB flash/ 16MB RAM Thermal clamshell printer – 18 lines per second Ethernet (10baseT) modem 2400 baud back up dial modem EMV approved smart card reader Track 1/ 2/ 3 Magstripe reader TFT Color QVGA 320 x 240 pixel white backlit display Contactless (NFC) EMV payment reader

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